Roaman s Credit Card


The Roaman S Credit Card is making a way for plus sized women to have a place they can shop for nice designer wear. What's likely the biggest draw to the Roaman S Credit Card is that you are using it on their virtual store from the comfort of your own home. There aren't any physical store locations that the Roaman S Credit Cards are used in. This is both an advantage and disadvantage for those shoppers who would like to know exactly how their items fit before they make their purchases. However, the online only options are great for those who feel uncomfortable with being in the physical store where others may see them trying on their items. Basically, the Roaman S Credit Card is used online by those who are a bit more conservative in that they don't care for a personal interaction to decide on an item they'd like to buy.

When you apply and receive your Roaman S Credit Card, you are also gifted with a coupon to get you even more motivated to begin your online shopping experience right away. If you come to really love the items that are available with your Roaman S Credit Card and spend $350 or more within the first year, you are automatically upgraded to the Advantage card level. If you become even more excited still and happen to purchase $500 worth of merchandise within a year you will be automatically upgraded to the Premier card status. With each status upgrade on your Roaman S Credit Card you get larger discounts and cheaper shipping costs, which is pretty thoughtful of them. Shipping deals are very important when it comes to online shopping It's a great thing to know that they are making a way to make those shipping costs cheaper as they see you are spending more money with them.

They really urge you by mentioning that you are able to save hundreds of dollars each year just by taking advantage of the discounts and account upgrades. We aren't sure about how they have made that claim as it is also said by them that they require a year of making a certain amount of purchases before your card is even upgraded the first time. The discounts that they offer however can make for huge discounts though it all depends on just how much you are actually purchasing with your Roaman S Credit Card. With there being many coupons being sent out and online sales, one could understand in the end how there can be hundreds of dollars saved if you are counting the mark down prices from their SRP on the site.

At the end of the day, the Roaman S Credit Card is still highly considered by plus sized women because it at least offers them with great products and affordable prices without them having to go through the hassle of trying to bother with lines in the department stores just to try on things and then getting through checkout lines. We are thinking that for most, shoppers who use the Roaman S Credit Card the real benefit isn't the APR or even the prices so much as the convenience and ease of the transactions. If you are thinking about the Roaman S Credit Card, make sure to check out the apply section to read a bit more on their terms of agreement to see if it will work for you.